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Say hello to our scrappy team...

  Craig Downing, Captain
Craig is the festival director and founder at Couch Fest Films based in Seattle. For the last 3 years, he was the head of the film production department of Saga Film in Iceland.  Craig has been on the shorts jury for Seattle International Film Festival and has been a shorts screener for SXSW.  When he's not writing or screening films for Short of the Week, he's testing the tensile strength of his immune system while shooting funding videos for NGOs in third-world countries. He is also currently working as the Education Manager at Northwest Film Forum.
  Ryan Davis, First Mate
Ryan has been the assistant festival director for Couch Fest Films since 2008.  She is also a Seattle-based film publicist with ten years experience in the movie industry. She has worked in almost every aspect of the film business--from production and festivals to distribution, exhibition and DVD sales, and has placed stories in outlets ranging from CNN and The New York Times. She has worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations, including heading the marketing departments for Northwest Film Forum. Ryan has been on the jury for the International Documentary Challenge since 2012, and is film contributor to the online magazines American Standard Time and For media requests contact Ryan at:
  Erin Knobler, Seattle Empire Host Coordinator
An avid film lover, after wandering into a stranger’s house in 2009 for her first Couch Fest, Erin was hooked. An alumni host and attendee ever since, we couldn’t get her to shut up about how much she loved CFF, so we asked her to join us! She also does marketing and community management for a local startup, photography, the occasional hand modeling, and can be found with her sidekick, a goofy black lab named Boomer—who may or may not be a Cylon.
  Nesib CB Shamah, Programming Team 
After service in the Great Indie Video Store Wars, CB shot a ton of live music, produced the web series “This Week at the Columbia City Theater”, earned camera credits for A Visitor In The Night, Measure Of Comfort and the Horror/Comedy Spree. CB also co-directed and co-produced the concert film Lemolo: A Beautiful Night and the Emmy-nominated documentary Welcome To Doe Bay.
  Bryson Michael, Chief of Festival Media Assets
Bryson received his Bachelors of Science degree in Digital Arts at the University of Oregon where he hosted and produced programs for the student-made television network Duck TV. In 2013, he won the 6th Annual Great American Short Screenplay Contest at The Film School in Seattle where he studied under scholarship. He has been trained in filmmaking by Stewart Stern, Tom Skerritt, Michael Hauge, Brian McDonald, Warren Etheredge, and others. He currently works managing the Enumclaw City Television station. You can also find him volunteering at The Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.
  Forrest Baum, Festival Special Missions
Forrest is an animator, standup comedian, and avid science enthusiast. He has a nine-year-old who he has accidentally dragged along to Couch Fest’s "Inappropriately Awesome" screening… but who seems to be developing normally, anyway. Forrest rides a folding bike to lecture series and dreams of being a documentary filmmaker of mad scientists.
  Hans Rhodes, IT Mercenary

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